Oct 092011

Kenneth Pasternak Detroit, MI photo@kennethpasternak.com kennethpasternak.com

October 9, 2011 The World Dear Reader, Here is a color version of a B&W photo that I posted earlier this year.  The name of the photo is Face It. If you would like to take a look at the B&W version just click on B&W in the photo post tag words on the right side of site. You can also just use the search up top under the header to the right. Just type in Face It and that should take you to that post. This is photo is from The Heidelberg Project in Detroit, MI part of Tim Burk's Detroit Industrial Gallery. The last time I spoke to Tim Burk this mask was stolen off of the house. This was a great mask to see and now due to senseless people this mask will not be seen in person but by photos. I have found the the color image. Now you get to see this bright red mask in all its color. Go and visit The Heidelberg Project in Detroit, MI. It is defiantly something to see. Every time I go It has changed. Always something new you did not notice from the last time you where there. Tyree Guyton is the creator of The Heidelberg Project. There is always a good chance you will run in to Tyree when you visit. Here is a website to find out more http://www.heidelberg.org/ Sincerely yours,

Kenneth Pasternak