Oct 042011
Out of all the teachers and instructors over the years this is the one I would consider to be my mentor. I have learned more from shooting with Bruce then any class could ever offer. I first meet Bruce at Macomb Community Collage Bruce was an instructor in photography. Bruce was able to see what his students where capable of and help every student at the level he knew they where at.  He knew the more he pushed us to shoot the more question we would have. With questions come learning. I would have to say I ran into Bruce at the right moment in time with my photography. I have not put down the camera since then. There is more to photography then the ins and outs of a camera and lighting also have to be able to communicate with the people around you. Don't get me wrong you still have to learn the basics and the right way of doing things. After that break all the rules and things you learned. To be a photographer you have to be crazy its about the satisfaction of capturing that moment. Has nothing to do with money or fame its just knowing you captured the shot. As Bruce always told me you take a photo not make a photo. To me I understand it as to take a photo is to capture a true moment in time as it is happening. To make a photo is to capture a false moment in time giving you time to set things up. All other instructors told me you make a photo I chose to go with Bruce and take a photo. I just hope I can pass on to others what he has done for me. If you get a chance take a look at Bruce Giffin photography work. Also take a look at a project of Bruce Giffins The Faces Of Detroit.